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    Some Days The Bird

    Back in September, when Trasna released its Fall 2022 issue, we were delighted to include among the work a unique collaboration between American poet Heather Bourbeau and Irish-Australian poet Anne Casey. Over the course of a full year, each poet had written a poem to the other in alternating weeks. What resulted was a wonderful collection of 52 poems in conversation with each other from across the globe and seasons. You can read about the genesis for this project in an Irish Times interview. With gratitude to Heather and Anne, we include below their readings of the two poems published here in Trasna, and invite you to order their collection…

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    First Quarterly Issue of Trasna Released

    With poems and stories by Libby Hart, Stephen O’Connor, Mike Gallagher, S. C. Flynn, Marie O’Shea and Shane Leavy. Read Issue #1 here.

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    Call for Submissions

    For the past two years, Trasna has served as a weekly online platform introducing American readers to the latest writing from Ireland. We have featured work from established and emerging writers, through poetry, essays, and short fiction. In all there are over 80 independent posts that can be found at Trasna.online, as well as RichardHowe.com.  This year, in addition to our weekly posts, we will be accepting submissions for an online, bi-monthly, literary magazine. Readers can subscribe to the magazine at Trasna.online.  This week we are pleased to welcome submissions for the inaugural issue of Trasna. Writers in Ireland, of the Irish diaspora, or those for whom Ireland figures into their…