After two years and seventy features of writing, mainly from Ireland, Trasna has evolved. In 2022,Trasna sought to expand both its audience and contributors to become an international literary journal. While we continue to produce unique features like those found in our archives—from virtual readings to historical and travel essays, among others—we also publish a literary quarterly. Curating work from Ireland and the Irish Diaspora across the world, we now host writing from a more broadly-defined Irish literary tradition: to include any who consider themselves a part of the Irish experience. We particularly seek to include voices from those groups who might typically be underrepresented in literary spaces, or left out of myopic definitions of Irishness. We have published emigrants and immigrants, writers from Ireland, Australia, the United States, the UK, and elsewhere. 

We hope to grow the diversity of work and writers we publish, so if you’re interested in submitting your best to us—poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, hybrids—please visit our Submit page for submission guidelines. If you’re interested in what we’re publishing, please sign up to receive our quarterly issues, bookmark our website, and keep returning to find original content on contemporary Irish writing. Many thanks for joining us here.

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