Daragh Fleming

Tá Brón Orm

I’m sorry that there is sadness on me

But at least it is not within me

And I’d never dare to put it on you

The sadness is on me

That sounds like I’m buying a round

But I am not, at least not now

The sadness is on me

Like a hat upon a head, loosely

And very soon, I’m very certain

A gust of life will come along and blow

This sadness asunder, and I wonder

What will be upon me next?

Daragh Fleming is a short fiction writer and poet from Cork, Ireland. He has published two collections of short stories with Riversong Books. Most recently, his story, “Evening Walk,” won the Cork Arts Short Story Competition. He has published in a number of literary magazines, with new stories appearing recently in Époque Press and The Milk House Press. His debut chapbook of poems was published in February by Bottlecap Press, and a second chapbook is due for release with Dark Thirty Poetry. His debut nonfiction book releases later this year with BookHub Publishing. He also writes regularly in outlets such as A Lust For Life and HeadStuff.org

Website: thoughtstoobig.ie Twitter: @daraghfleming